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10NV-15NV-Pipe Connection Needle Valves


Hikelok valves are complemented by a complete line of low pressure fittings, tubing, check valves and line filters. The 10NV and 15NV use Autoclave's Pipe connection type. The coned-and-threaded connection features orifice sizes to match the high flow characteristics of this series.


  • Maximum working pressure up to 15,000 psig (1034 bar))

  • Working temperature from -423 to 1200 (-252 to 649 )

  • Graphite packing working Temperatures up to 1200℉ (649℃)

  • Non-rotating stem and bar stock body design

  • Tubing sizes available for 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"

  • The material of valve body is 316 SS, the material of lower stem is 17-4PH SS


  • Easy to assemble and replace packing

  • Metal-to-metal seating achieves bubble-tight shutoff,longer stem/seat life in abrasive flow, greater durability for repeated on/off cycles and excellent corrosion resistance

  • PTFE is the standard packing material, RPTFE glass, Graphite and extended stuffing box with Graphite also available

  • The material of packing gland and upper stem have been selected to achieve reduced handle torque and extended thread cycle life

  • The location of packing is under the thread of valve stem

  • The locking device of packing gland is reliable

  • 100% factory tested

More Options

  • Optional 3 way and angle flow patterns

  • Optional vee or regulating stem tips

  • Optional Five flow patterns

  • Optional air operators

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