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Vacuum Fittings-Union Elbow


The Hikelok Vaccum Fitting design has been helium leak tested to a maximum leak rate of 4 × 10–9 std cm3/s at ambient temperature. The leak rate increases as temperature increases due to permeation through the O-ring.


  • O-ring seals to glass, metal, or plastic tubing

  • Knurled nut for easy, finger-tight assembly

  • Stainless steel and fluorocarbon FKM O-ring construction

  • Reliable repeatable sealing performance

  • Available in tube sizes from 1/16 to 1 1/2 in.

  • FKM O-ring working temperature from -25℉ to 400℉ (-31℃ to 204℃)


  • Seal performance is maintained through repeated disconnects

  • O-ring seals to glass, metal,or plastic tubing

  • Knurled nut for easy, finger-tight assembly

  • Body, nut, and sleeve: stainless steel

  • O-ring: 70 durometer fluorocarbon FKM, wetted with a thin film of silicone vacuum grease

  • Hikelok ultra-torr vacuum fittings are cleaned to remove machine oil, grease, and loose particles

  • 100% factory tested

More Options

  • Optional vaccum union, reducing union, union elbow,union tee, male connector, adapter, nuts, O-rings.

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